About Event

Built with thought-leaders at Sage Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson and Lundbeck, the 2nd Annual NPD meeting unraveled the complexities of developing truly clinically transformative neuropsychiatric drugs.

Dedicated to overcoming challenges in neuropsychiatric drug development, this comprehensive discussion and networking forum covered:

  • Reviewing the current clinical landscape to share learned lessons, predict potential success and identify future opportunities
  • Determine what we can expect from neuropsychiatric preclinical models to better predict clinical efficacy
  • Utilize what we know from the clinical to improve our use of translational strategies
  • Discuss the potential for digital therapeutics to transform the success of efficacious pharmaceuticals
  • Review symptomatic focused drug development to identify the benefits and impact future regulation
  • Evaluate the potential for different neuropsychiatric targets by improving our understanding of neuropsychiatric biology
  • Improving our understanding of the role of genetics in neuropsychiatry and debating the future of precision medicine for neuropsychiatric disorders

Register your interest for 2020 and join your peers at NPD to be part of the cross-industry discussion on latest developments, insights and science to elevate clinically effective neuropsychiatric therapeutic pipelines.

“It was a well-organized and terrific conference with plenty of meaningful inputs. Thank you very much”

Tatsuro Nakagawa, Manager, Akros Pharma Inc.

“It was a well-organized conference.”

Gopi Shanker, Director, Novartis