What Happened in 2019?

Last year's Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit fuelled comprehensive discussions around:

  • Determining what we can expect from neuropsychiatric preclinical models to better predict clinical efficacy
  • Discussing the potential for digital therapeutics to transform the success of efficacious pharmaceuticals
  • Evaluating the potential for different neuropsychiatric targets by improving our understanding of neuropsychiatric biology
  • Improving our understanding of the role of genetics in neuropsychiatry and debating the future of precision medicine for neuropsychiatric disorders


What To Expect in 2020

New this year we will be diving into novel pathophysiology mechanisms, validating translational biomarkers and strategies for patient selection for clinical trials as we strive to determine the most successful targets for each psychiatric disorder.

This end to end summit will tackle drug discovery, clinical trial design and late stage development and focus on success stories and learning from failed candidates

Hear from new biotechs spearheading the innovation in the field and large pharma as we present the only opportunity for drug developers from across the landscape to share and gain translatable industry learning for neuropsychiatric disorders.

Register your interest for 2020 and join your peers at Neuropsychiatric Drug Development to be part of the cross-industry discussion on latest developments, insights and science to elevate clinically effective neuropsychiatric therapeutic pipelines.