Develop Clinically Transformative Neuropsychiatric Therapeutics

Built with thought-leaders at Sage Therapeutics, Janssen and Lundbeck the 2nd Annual Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit (NPD) will unravel the complexities of developing truly clinically transformative neuropsychiatric drugs.

Download the NPD Summit brochure here

With an emphasis on depressive disorders, this industry defining meeting will

  • Investigate ketamine’s effects on opioid receptors in the brain
  • Decipher which biomarkers are a predictor of patient response rate
  • Share advances in clinical trial design to overcome challenges associated with placebos

Uniting 90+ drug developers from all corners of the world, NPD will be your opportunity to discuss, in depth, the challenges with preclinical models, precision medicine and target selection that have been stifling the progress of your neuropsychiatric drug development.

Join your peers at NPD to stride towards developing clinically transformative neuropsychiatric drugs.

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What previous NPD attendees had to say:

“Excellent conference with a very good and diverse set of speakers and topics”

Jim Cassella, Chief Development Officer, Concert Pharmaceuticals

“Very good conference”

Christopher Missling, President & Chief Executive Officer, Anavex Life Sciences Corp.